The ultimate solution for a healthier and more fulfilling sexual experience. GLA-PRELOX enhances sexual performance and improves overall sexual wellness.

Want More???

GLA-PRELOX keeps reproductive system healthy and active. The increase in oxygen and blood supply to the genital ensure that you can enjoy multiple times in a day.

Want to Last Longer???

GLA-PRELOX helps to have a longer lasting sexual experience. A combination of super antioxidant and L-arginine makes sure that you enjoy sex for an extended time.

Erectile Dysfunction???

GLA-PRELOX helps to promote blood circulation, ensuring optimal oxygen and nutrient supply to the reproductive system for a pleasurable sexual experience.

Why does Gla-Prelox® help on the long run?

A study spanning an investigational period over half a year was carried out with 110 men with moderately impaired erectile function. This study demonstrates that no habituation effects occur with Gla-Prelox® and the benefits do not fade, but rather further improve during long-term supplementation for six months.

Gla-Prelox® – a unique synergistic recipe

A first clinical investigation of 40 men with compromised erections showed that taking L-arginine alone for one month did have an effect. The following month all men took Pycnogenol® in addition to L-arginine (Gla-Prelox® blend) and now 80% of the men experienced restored erectile function.

How Does Gla-Prelox Work

Gla-Prelox® is a proprietary blend of L-Arginine and Pycnogenol®. Together they increase nitric oxide production, stimulate circulation and blood flow and protect blood vessels from the damage that can occur from normal aging. This combination helps to improve blood flow into the vessel and enhances the vessels responsiveness to that flow. And that helps to achieve and sustain better erections.

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